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Please include details on Exact Services You Provide, Costs. This field is for details. Please don't do marketing and please don't include testimonials here
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Please provide any details that help Review0 and Authors establish that you are a legitimate company run by a legitimate person/real person and that you have done business with real people and gotten them real results

Service Provider & Review0 Business Arrangement

There are two financial requirements to be part of the Review0 Platform

A) You agree to pay us 10% or your standard Affiliate Referral Fee (whichever is higher) for every referral from Review0. For Example: If you provide a service for $250 to a customer that is referred to you by Review0 then you agree to pay Review0 a 10% referral fee ($25). Fees can be paid at the end of every month. If you have a longer 'refund period' or 'guarantee period' then we can discuss details with you. You can email us at

B) You agree to pay an Annual Verification & Listing Fee to Review0. Please select your company size to see the fee. This is paid upfront and is not refundable if you get accepted into Review0. If we are unable to include you then we will refund 100% of this Annual Verification & Listing Fee. Please note that this fee only covers your listing on the Review0 website. There are no month to month charges - just an annual Listing & Verification Fee. However, the fee only covers your listing. It does not include any other services

My Company Size is:

You will pay this fee upfront before we process your application for Review0. The fee will show up on your Credit Card statement as FinalFantasyLLC (our US sister company) or 7 Dragons Inc (our Canadian sister company). If you have questions you can email us at

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